As with any Band or Business,

there are always people that come and go for one reason or another.

This section is to recognize those that were and are very special to us whether for a brief moment in time or for a while. We thank them for their efforts and for their time spent.

With the amount of work and efforts that GENX puts in for their shows, it is important to note that these people have a great deal of talent and are “Good People”. We wish them well in their travels and experiences as we all travel through the course of life!!  


Scott Davis – Keyboards and Vocals

Matt Tellman – Bass and Vocals

Joe Hornback (Joe) – Sound

Rick Stacy (Ricky Bobby) – Bass and Vocals

Paul Soos (Dr Soos)  – Bass and Vocals

Rich Stonely (Rich) – Bass and Vocals

Jody Prather (Jody) – Drums, Percussion and Vocals

Kurt Kaufman (Kurt) – Drums, Percussion and Vocals

Mike Abrams (Mike) – Drums, Percussion and Vocals

Todd Lowry (Todd) – Drums, Percussion and Vocals

Geoff Jung – Lighting and Stage Design

Ryan Thomas – Percussion, Lead and Backing Vocals

Michael Abrams – Lighting and Stage Design

Jeff Butler (Jeff) – Sound and Lighting

Kevin Pike (Kev) – Sound and Lighting

Barry Prather (Barry) – Light Technician

Brad Collins (Brad) – Light Technician