Don Simpson

Guitar, Harmonica, Lead and Backing Vocals

Lisa Simpson

Keyboards, Percussion
GenX is made up of a diverse and very talented group of musicians. This enables the band to perform a wide variety of songs spanning from Rock, Classic or 80’s Rock to Country and even Oldies. Click the member name to read and see photos of each Genmember.

Genhas grown to be, one of the Tri-States premier live bands you will ever come to experience. The band artistically and respectfully performs a wide variety of music that is both professional and suitable for all ages. They perform oldieby artists such as the Righteous Brother’s hit song – Unchained Melody, Runaround Sue and othersto Classic Rock hits from Journey and Loverboy to more current Walk on the Moon’s Greatest Hit – Shut up and Dance. Gen also covers country music titles from Super Star artists like Garth Brooks, Keith Urban, Alabama and many others... 

To hear Journey‘s song Separate Ways right after Keith Urban’s Country Song -Somebody Like You, is not out of the norm for a GenX set  

GenX designs it’s shows to entertain the crowd musically and visually. GenX will keep the crowd engaged all evening long performing one hit right after another.  The vocal talents within the GenX band are superbly versatile with harmonies that rival the best in class entertainers locally and at national level. 

GenX performs Stadium Rock Band tunes with the same High Energy Characteristics of the original performers. GenX does not Track any Music or Vocals...EVER! 
Every Guitar, Keyboard, Percussion, Horn and Bass part
orchestrate into the professional mix of the live Music and Entertainment that the crowd hears 

We invite you to join us at a GenX Show soon !!  


(The Origin of GenX)
The Band originated from the aspirations of Don & Lisa Simpson. The original band was going to be Lisa’s backing band for support of a recording contract she had. (See Lisa’s bio for a little more detail about that) They set goals of creating one of the area’s top production bands that could perform most any type of music. Another major goal was to create a concert style of Sound and Lighting to accompany the Band. A quote from Don. “We want to create a true concert type of experience that everyone can enjoy”.
The Original Members of GenX
  • Lisa Simpson (Keyboards, Percussion)
  • Don Simpson (Guitar & Vocals)
  • Steve Robbins (Keyboards, Guitar & Vocals)
  • Matt Tellman (Drums & Vocals)
  • Paul Soos (Bass & Vocals) 

Steve Robbins

Keyboards, Guitar, Lead and Backing Vocals

Matt Tellman

Bass and Vocals

Instead of fronting the band and singing as originally planned, Lisa Simpson became one of GenX‘s keyboard players. However, GenX still wasn’t complete. With the challenges of truly reproducing songs they wanted to perform, Don tracked down Steve Robbins. Steve and Don performed together as teenagers and when Don told Steve about the goals of GenX, he decided to come and check things out. At the very first practice, Steve fired off the beginning the REO Speedwagon song “Roll with the Changes” on Keys, the instant locked in rhythm created by Matt and Paul’s extreme talents helped produce an energy and excitement that everyone knew was going to be a great fit.

GenX has made member changes here and there, but has always stayed focus on the core goals with determination to be one of the areas top rated bands.
A band with two Keyboard players enables multiple distinct parts to be performed at the same time that would otherwise require sequencing or recorded tracks or some other device aid. When you listen to the band perform, listen and watch closely to all the parts that are being covered natively and being performed live.

Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals

Megan Shelley

Keyboards, Vocals
Another very important ingredient to the band that was discovered instantly is the vocal capabilities. Each member of the band excluding Lisa’s horific event. has a keen talent to sing lead and also backup sing. Lisa’s singing voice was tragically taken from her in December, 2010 out of neglect of an anesthesiologist team during a routine procedure. While we miss Lisa’s beautiful voice, we graciously accept her talents on the keyboards and percussion instruments.
With 4 vocalist, 7 Keyboards, 2 guitars, Bass and Drums, the band’s complexity rivals many larger national acts today. You will also see at most every GenX event, a dedicated Sound Engineer and Production Light Engineer. These are extremely committed members that put the entire band’s efforts into an overall sonically and visually stimulating package.
Applying a name to the band was almost as large a feat as putting the band together. We all wanted a name and not some sort of catch phrase. The Members solictited many people and asked for suggestions and ideas. After reviewing a list of over 200 names, everyone settled on the name GenX which was a variation of Generation X. Not to be confused with the Billy Idol Generation X band, but more along the lines of an age group that spans many years (Early 1960’s to Early 1980’s). The exact year is somewhat of a mystery depending on where you look or research. The name actually came from Erica Ashcraft who came up with the idea since everyone in the band is a  Generation X‘er or GenX‘er = GenX.
We are grateful to Erica for sharing her idea that became our band name.
GenX is the Generation in the middle that links the Past to Present.  
You will hear music from all generations and genres woven into every show !! 

Zach Greenlee 

Sound / PA Technician / Vocals

Vicki Wolfzorn

Lighting Technician / Stage Designer,  Merchandising and Media